Oh Sh!t Kit
Oh Sh!t Kit
Oh Sh!t Kit
Oh Sh!t Kit
Oh Sh!t Kit
Oh Sh!t Kit
Oh Sh!t Kit
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Oh Sh!t Kit

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The adventure power trio…BEAR FOREST KNIVES, WAZOO GEAR, and ON THREE have joined forces to create this one-of-a-kind must-have adventure kit!

Sick of cheaply produced, overpacked survival kits? Meet the OH SH!T Kit: With 26 high-quality tools, including a multi-functional badass Ulu Knife in a compact, powerful arsenal that won't weigh you down.

Why an Ulu?

  • The ulu has the maximum-size blade in a small package
  • Designed for woodworking, fire prep, and processing food/game
  • Scandi grind ideal for carving, curved blade perfect for skinning
  • 90-degree spine for scraping a Ferro rod or processing tinder
  • Can be easily attached to a split stick for more handle possibilities
  • Converted from a small knife to a tomahawk-type tool quickly
  • Can aid in shelter construction and larger carving projects

It's the perfect companion kit for potential emergencies, from patching up your gear to lighting a fire, purifying water, and signaling when you need it most. The OH SH!T Kit is ideal for bushcrafters, hikers, campers, hunters, and anyone who wants to be equipped for anything. This kit has got your back!

Small enough to fit in your cargo pocket, glove compartment, or backpack, so you'll Never Be Not Ready with the OH SH!T Kit. Tackle your next adventure with the ultimate kit from BEAR FOREST KNIVES, WAZOO GEAR, and ON THREE. Get it now!


  • DIMENSIONS (LxWxD): 4.92” x 3.35” x 1.38”, Plastic Container
  • ULU KNIFE: 80CrV2 High Carbon Steel, 3.5” Blade, .125” Thick, 2” Wide, 90-degree Edge, Blade Cover/Handle (PVC Rubber w/Metal U Shapes), Designed by Jason Salyer
  • MYLAR EMERGENCY BLANKET: Aluminized Mylar, Blanket/Tarp, Silver
  • SAFETY PINS (2): Brass, Size 00, .75" Long
  • NEEDLE: Sharps Style Needle, Size 7, Pre-Magnetized
  • FISHING HOOKS (3): Eagle Claw, Model 084, Size 8, Steel, Made in USA
  • SPLIT SHOT WEIGHTS (3): Lead, Size 3/0, Reusable
  • FISHING LINE: 40 ft Power Pro Braided Spectra, 50lb Test, Moss Green, Made in USA
  • WHISTLE: Pealess Design, Volume 100+ dB, Anodized Aluminum, Ultralight, WAZOO Original Design
  • CORDAGE: 25ft Technora, 400lb Break Strength, Black, Made in USA
  • FIRE PLUG TINDER (2): 6+ Minute Burn Time, Orange Color, Multiple Fires Per Plug
  • FERRO ROD: Diameter .25", Length 1.5", Lanyard Hole .125", Shavings Burn at 5,500F (3,000C)
  • WATER CONTAINER: Capacity 1L, Food Safe Plastic, Heat Resistant to 400F, Made in USA
  • PURIFICATION TABLETS (2): Katadyn® Micropur MP1, EPA Registered, 1 Tablet per 1L of Water
  • WATER PRE-FILTER: Melitta Flat Coffee Filter
  • RANGER BANDS (3): EPDM Rubber, Non-Latex, Flammable, Located on Water Kit, Made in USA
  • ALUMINIUM FOIL: 12” x 6” Custom Sheet Metal, 0.003” Thick
  • WIRE SAW: Cutting Length 17", 8 Strand Braided Stainless Steel, Aluminum Crimped End Loops
  • BRASS WIRE: 24 Gauge, 15 ft Length, Made in USA
  • CERAMIC KNIFE:  Black Zirconia Ceramic, Chisel Grind, Exposed Edge for striking Ferro Rod While Folded
  • COMPASS: 18mm Diameter, Kerosene Filled, Luminous 7 Hours, Operates 20F to 120F, Water Resistant to 100ft
  • SIGNAL MIRROR: SOL Mini Rescue Flash™, Size 1.5” x 2”, One-Handed Use
  • TRAIL MARKERS (6): Reusable High-Visibility Markers, Fluorescent Orange for Daytime, Reflective for Nighttime Visibility
  • ZIP TIES (2): 5.5” Length, 40lb Break Strength, Fluorescent Orange, Made in USA
  • DUCT TAPE: Gorilla Tape, 1” Wide, 24” Length, Black
  • FLASHLIGHT: Photon Micro-Light I, Waterproof IPX-7, Replaceable Batteries, 18+ hour run time, Made in USA
  • The FireCard™ (1): Credit Card-Sized Fire Starter, Highly Flammable Modified Biopolymer 
  • Weight: 9.2 oz.