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About Bear Forest Knives

Welcome! I’m Garrett Tremblay, founder and creator of Bear Forest Knives, and I want to thank you for visiting us.

Most of us share an abiding love for the great outdoors, the freedom and fresh air, and the chance to connect with nature in all its glorious forms. 

Bear Forest Knives was created to enhance all your adventures and interactions in the wild, standing at the ready for whatever the day or night, climate, or conditions may bring. 

I ask you: Is there any greater feeling than finding self-reliance and solitude amongst the mountains and valleys?

Bear Forest Knives are purpose-built for these moments and the daily life that happens in between.

All measurements are approximate and will vary slightly because all our knives are made by hand.

Kydex Sheaths

What people are saying about bear forest knives

"I met Garrett through our shared passion of knives on Instagram well before Bear Forest Knives had kicked off, and I quickly realized that he had a solid understanding of what made knives good- and bad. Through my own reviews and designing I began to rely on him for advice, and when he told me he was going to start making knives I KNEW it was going to be epic! Not only did his knives live up to my expectations, but the quality of his work and his fit and finish met my expectations FAR sooner than I thought possible. BFK's will surely hit a sweet spot between custom, hand made blades and production value."

Jacob Beach (Youtube:ThePreppersBunkerOutdoors)

"Over the past year, I have been using Bear Forest Knives in my camp for my own adventures, instructing survival classes, prototype testing, and reviewing for magazines. Garrett has a knack for knife making and his passion propels him to get better with every new step he takes on his journey. I have seen BFK sore to new heights in the short time I have been working with Garrett and his knives. If I had to sum up Bear Forest Knives it would be easy...Rustic Simplicity!"

Reuben Bolieu (Adventure Magazine Writer) 

"For the past few years i've had the pleasure of using several of the Bear Forest designs for everything from teaching classes to cleaning/skinning game. They are a great example of what an outdoor knife should be and i can't recommend them enough."

Patrick Rollins (Lead Instructor of Randall's Adventure & Training)

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