About Us

Bear Forest Knives is setting the tone for modern outdoor knives. Made in Palm Desert, California, our designs blend traditional tools with modern adjustments. As a metal fabricator, I made knives for myself and my friends to use on camping and hunting trips. My passion took over; it seemed a natural progression to become a full-time knifemaker and form Bear Forest Knives.

       People gravitate to Bear Forest Knives because the supply chain is American Made and handcrafted. For one, Bear Forest Knives walks the line of a trusty, durable adventure tool with something that makes people also take a second look.

        We use a variety of materials; only the best carbon and stainless steels like 80CrV2, 1095, 52100, 1084, AEB-L, Nitro-V, and W2 for customs. I love these steels because of their strength and durability in real-world applications and the ease of re-sharpening. 

Handle scales include Micarta, G10, elm, dogwood, osage orange, poplar, padauk, ironwood, white oak, red oak, and antler. We use two-part assembly Corby Bolts to keep the scales securely attached to the knife.
      All KYDEX® sheaths are made in-house from .080 KYDEX® in various colors, graphics, and textures. 

Bear Forest Knives makes adventure tools that are built to last!