NRA Family First Impressions: Bear Forest Backstrap Fillet Knives

Ask any deer hunter and they'll tell you: The backstrap is the best part of the animal. That's largely because the "backstrap" muscle is the same as the one we call "filet mignon" when it's beef on the table! Thing is, those prized cuts can be time-consuming to acquire, so if you're going to process and butcher your own deer, you need the right knife for the job. Bear Forest Knives has just the one: The Backstrap. This 10.187” long fillet knife is the perfect addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s collection and provides a unique cutting experience.

Why a Fillet?

A fillet knife is specialized to fillet, debone and skin fish and meat. Its long, thin, flexible blade can easily glide along the bones and separate the flesh from the skin. Some common uses of a fillet knife are:

  • Filleting fish: A fillet knife can cut and skin a whole fish into clean fillets. Cut along the backbone, slide the blade under the ribs and spine to remove bones, then flip and peel off the skin by sawing the blade.
  • Deboning: A fillet knife helps debone poultry, pork or beef. Cut around the joints and tendons, follow the bone's contour to separate it from the meat and trim excess fat or sinew.
  • Skinning game: Use a fillet knife to skin and trim game animals. Cut along the belly or back, peel off the skin and remove unwanted parts.

The engine behind this design is a 6" narrow, upward-curving blade with an ultra-sharp full flat grind. The Backstrap is crafted from high-quality, easy-to-sharpen 52100 high carbon steel, which provides exceptional edge retention properties.

The micarta handle has a finger groove that creates an integrated guard, ensuring a secure grip and reducing the risk of slipping when handling innards or blood. It comes with a black KYDEX sheath for protection and easy carry. Do note that these blades are made of high carbon steel and will stain/oxidize if not properly maintained with good oil and regular care.

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