American Hunter First Look: Bear Forest Backstrap Fillet Knife

Bear Forest Knives has released a small batch of its latest precision cutting tool, The Backstrap. This 10.187-inch long fillet knife is a great addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s collection and provides a unique cutting experience.

The engine behind this design is a six-inch narrow, upward-curving blade with an ultra-sharp full-flat grind. The Backstrap is crafted from easy-to-sharpen 52100 high-carbon steel, which still provides exceptional edge-retention properties. As it is high-carbon instead of stainless, of course it will need a good oiling after cleaning and use, so keep some handy with the knife.

The micarta handle has a finger groove that creates an integrated guard, ensuring a secure grip and reducing the risk of slipping when handling innards or blood. It comes with a black Kydex sheath for protection and easy carry.

Why a Fillet?

Whether filleting a fish or sectioning up stew meat and veggies, this knife's sharp design will get the job done. Not to mention, as its name implies, it’s great for processing those ever-so-prized elk and deer backstraps, its long, thin blade capable of contouring better around a backbone than a thicker model. When gutting the animal, its blade can also be useful for those hard to reach spots, such as severing the windpipe high up, or fully disconnecting the rectum for easier removal.

This is why a fillet knife makes a great design for the task. Such knives are specialized to fillet, debone and skin fish and meat. Its long, thin, flexible blade can easily glide along bones and separate the flesh from the skin.

Bear Forest Knives created The Backstrap knife with the goal of making a durable and versatile tool for outdoor food preparation, culminating in a knife like a surgeon's scalpel—precise, efficient and designed to last. For more information on the Bear Forest Backstrap, visit



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